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Studygascar Math Program


Studygascar math program is a carefully designed learning system that starts from simple arithmetic and gradually progresses to high school mathematics. We introduce math topics in a strict logical order, with each consecutive topic built on the previous one. We also make sure that an increase in math difficulty from level to level happens in small manageable steps.  

The idea behind incremental increases in difficulty is the build-up of confidence in students. The confidence is extremely important for a development of a long-term habit of acquiring knowledge. Children become much better students if they are able to study in a comfortable learning zone. Comfort doesn’t mean an absence of challenge. It just means that challenge is manageable.  

The main word that can describe Studygascar math system is mastery. Our math program is centered on achieving math mastery and building solid math foundation. Studygascar students have to go well beyond mere understanding of math operations and concepts. They are required to actually master the material. 

Studygascar mastery approach to teaching math differs from a spiral approach to teaching math employed by many schools. The spiral approach/method introduces many math topics in a certain grade. The topics can significantly vary in difficulty. The spiral approach/method does not require mastery of a certain math topic on the first pass. The same topics reappear in the curriculum next year and the year after that. One idea of the spiral method is to expose students to a wide variety of math topics without requiring students to master the material the first time. Another idea is to touch the same math topics in many grades, with the expectation that students will eventually gain deep understanding of the material.  

In contrast to the spiral approach, Studygascar math program uses a strict logical and linear approach. While learning arithmetic, for example, Studygascar students are required to completely master addition and then subtraction of whole numbers before they are allowed to move to multiplication and then division. Only after mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, the students progress to fractions and then to decimals. In other words, Studygascar math students are required to fully grasp basic math concepts and operations before studying more advanced math topics. In Studygascar math, the students are introduced to the advanced topics only after building the solid foundation of math knowledge by first mastering arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.   

Benefits of Studygascar Math


Children who participate in Studygascar math program benefit in two main ways. First, they build solid math foundation that allows them to easily progress to high school mathematics and then to college mathematics. Second, they develop strong learning habits that help them to succeed in any high school or college subject.

Our math program is carefully designed to make sure that children build solid math base. Studygascar students have to go well beyond mere understanding of math operations and concepts. They are required to actually master the material. Such mastery of basics allows children to progress to higher levels of mathematics comfortably.

Students who mastered math basics have no problems with current school material and quite often are able to perform above grade level in math. In addition, they are usually successful in high school math and beyond because they have enough time to concentrate on more difficult math material instead of filling basic-math gaps. Higher level mathematics can become very stressful for children if basics are not mastered. For example, if a student is not able to perform basic operations with fractions quickly and accurately, he or she might become overwhelmed when he encounters more difficult math. Student would still need to deal with fractions quickly and accurately, but at that point he would also have a lot of new, more complicated material to learn. If the student goes back to practice fractions, he or she would not have enough time for the new material. If he or she tries to concentrate on the new material, then the fractions deficiency would significantly slow the student down.     

Even more important than just building the solid math foundation is the development of sound study habits. Studygascar doesn’t really tutor students. Instead, we help children build strong study habits and teach students how to study independently.     

What is the Right Age for Studygascar Math?


Children can enroll in Studygascar programs as early as preschool. Our math program starts from simple arithmetic and gradually progresses to middle and high school math. Most of our math program participants are elementary and middle school students who work to build solid math foundation to be able to succeed in high school and beyond. However, we also have math students who already built the math foundation. Such students work on pre-college and college-level mathematics.   

In general, it is preferable to start in math as early as practically possible. Early start helps children build confidence in their learning abilities quickly and comfortably.