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Enrollment into Studygascar Programs

Easy Enrollment


Enrollment into the Beginner Chess Program does not require any testing. Enrollment into the Intermediate and Advanced Chess Programs, as well as enrollment into the Mathematics Program, requires an assessment test, which is free. Please call our office at 408-873-8429 or e-mail us to info@studygascar.com to enroll your child to the Beginner Chess Program or to schedule an assessment math and/or chess test for your child.  

No Registration Fee


There is no registration fee for our classes. Children can start any day during any month. The fees for the first month will be prorated depending on the start date. 

Flexible Schedules


We offer a flexible schedule to accommodate children’s other weekly activities. Our schedule allows children to choose math sessions and chess classes on weekdays and during weekends.

Studygascar Tuition Information

Math Program Pricing


Math Program Pricing Twice a Week Sessions (for 40 minutes each) or Once a Week Session (for 1 hour)

$140.00 per month 

Math + Chess Discount: 

If math program is taken together with group chess classes, the discount is 20% off the smaller fee 

Sibling Discount: 

20% off the smaller fee (sibling discount comes after program discount is applied)

Private Math Lessons: 

$55.00 per hour

Chess Program Pricing


Group Chess Classes Once a Week:

 $110.00 per month (for 4 classes) 

$135.00 per month (for 5 classes)  

 Group Chess Classes Twice a Week:

 $165.00 per month   

Sibling Group Chess Discount: 

20% off the smaller fee   

One Group Chess Class: 

$30.00 per class (no discounts)   

Private Chess Lessons with International Master Mikhail Baturyn: 

$55.00 per hour  

Studygascar Tuition and Make-Up Policy

STUDYGASCAR Math and Chess Make-Up Policy (pdf)