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What is Studygascar?

Studygscar is a math and chess learning center dedicated to building a strong foundation of logical skills. We develop strong math and chess study habits and help children become independent and efficient learners.   

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Studygascar Math Program

Studygascar math program builds strong math fundamentals that help children succeed in high school math and beyond. The program is based on a gradual logical approach, which allows children attain math mastery in small manageable steps.  

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Studygascar Chess Program

Studygascar chess program consists of five levels, offering beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced chess instruction. The program helps children develop critical and logical thinking as well as problem solving skills.     

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Why Chess Helps Math?

Chess education has a substantial positive effect on the intellectual development of a child. Chess-playing students develop analytical thinking and problem solving skills, which are crucial in math, engineering, and science.  

Schedule of Math and Chess Classes and Camps

Schedule of Math and Chess Classes Fall 2019


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Schedule of Thanksgiving and Holiday Camps 2019


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